Hey Single Mom!

Are you ready for your


THIS BOOK gives you the Single Mom’s Secrets to Be Successful, Bring Your Dreams to Life and Stay Sexy while raising Your children!

LaTalya M. Palmer, The Dream Igniter

Transformation Coach| Author| Single Mom of 4

Dear Single Mom

  • Do you love your kids so much that you would do whatever it takes for them to succeed?
  • In the midst of helping them, do you ever put yourself on the back burner?
  • Have you felt like all is lost and you don’t know how to recover from it?
  • Are you ready to overcome the obstacles that keep you from taking time for your dreams?
  • Are you ready to make time for what’s important to YOU while supporting your children too?
  • Are you ready to be in touch with your sensual side again?
  • Do you want more ENERGY for the things you have to do in life?
  • Are you ready to be UNSTOPPABLE?

What you’ll find in this book:

  • How to uncover your source of encouragement and inspiration for your success journey
  • Hope for your dreams and life goals-even while raising your children
  • How to tap into your feminine power and awaken your sensual self
  • A solid foundation to build upon as you bring your dreams to reality.
  • Spiritual and success principles to help the single mother build success from the inside out.
  • Effective tools and practical exercises to help you push through the limitations and take immediate action
  • Keys to go from dreaming to doing. BE UNSTOPPABLE!

Many of the tools and techniques she’ll share with you in this book are the exact same tools LaTalya used to transform her life as a struggling single mom, living in one bedroom with her three sons, and way over her head in debt into a more empowered woman, mom, transformational teacher and author moving on purpose!

We all need support to get through the dark, scary or uncomfortable places in our lives. This is an invaluable resource for you. So please, stay posted to the release of LaTalya’s upcoming book for single moms and get ready to IGNITE YOUR DREAMS!

LaTalya is the Dream Igniter, Speaker and Author helping Single Moms spark their dreams, achieve their life goals while raising their children! LaTalya believes that every woman has the power they need within to rise from the ashes of life adversities, and create new beginnings from the lessons learned. As a divorcee and single mom of four, LaTalya knows what it’s like to put her children first and her dreams on the back burner. She also knows what it takes to transform your life, rise from those adversities, put herself on the front burner and manifest her dreams while raising successful children.

What touches LaTalya’s clients most is that not only does she have the experience and credentials—she is also a living example that it’s possible to overcome. It’s with the powerful and moving story of her own, that LaTalya is able to move her audience. She openly shares how she silently struggled throughout her life to find her esteem, uniqueness, and genius beneath layers of pain and self-hate. Growing up in communities that magnified poverty and surviving sexual abuse at the hands of her father, left her feeling worthless, and not knowing her value. She also shares her bounce back experience after divorce and her transition into single parenthood.

Despite of it all—past and present, LaTalya has remained committed to women’s healing and evolution. Throughout her works and talks, she continues to prove to be an unstoppable force and advocate of Women’s Empowerment. Her upcoming book “Ignite- The Single Mom’s Guide to Success, Sensuality and Igniting Your Dreams” is sure to stir up the passion, excitement and motivation needed to get moms moving!

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